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End poverty,
stop plastic pollution

Create change, for people and planet. Join us!

If plastic was worth its weight in gold, would we throw it away?

Plastic as money

Collection communities gather discarded plastic and exchange it for secure income, social benefits, and financial inclusion.

Making a life-changing impact

Gathered the equivalent of

6.5 billion bottles

across some of the most vulnerable areas in the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, Egypt, Thailand, and Cameroon.

Collection communities


gathering discarded plastic across five countries.

Community members


exchanging discarded plastic for secure income, social benefits, and financial inclusion.

Make an impact 

for people and planet

Gather plastic, end poverty

Grow your

Stop plastic pollution and create social impact with plastic offsets, recycled feedstock, and customized toolkits to share your story.


Discover programs for your friends, family, colleagues, and community.

Our partners are leading by example

Gathered the equivalent of

3.7 billion bottles

“We are very proud to have begun this journey with Plastic Bank to reduce our plastic footprint on the planet while also doing good for its people.”
Charles Waters President International
Gathered the equivalent of

1.0 billion bottles

“While single-use plastics are essential to the safety and convenience of medical products, we strive to minimize their impact on the environment by supporting important initiatives like this program with Plastic Bank.”
Charles Herget Global Head of ESG

Integrates responsibly sourced Social Plastic® feedstock into their products.

Make an impact 

for people and planet

Claim your impact,
50 bottles on us

Every bottle provides increased income for a collection member.

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