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Increase visibility and sales with our ready-to-deploy point-of-sale toolkit, complete with printables that demonstrate your business’ purpose. Gather your community and grow with purpose.

Dedicated Impact Page

Build customer trust with the public-facing extension of your Impact Account — a webpage for your customers to see the impact your business is creating.

Marketing resources

Customers are looking for brands that care for people and the planet. Stand out from the crowd with easy-to-use social media templates, photos, videos, and campaign toolkits.

Certified impact

Differentiate your business through traceable impact. Download and share your Plastic Bank certificate showcasing the amount of plastic your business has helped gather from the environment.

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Here’s why businesses drive impact

“We love that not only can we truly make a positive impact on our oceans, we can also be a part of providing livelihood opportunities for communities around the world.”
Caroline Farrer Solmates Australia
“Plastic Bank is one of the most effective and important social recycling initiatives around and something very close to our heart. We love supporting it, not only to look after the planet but also lead by example, at least in our industry, amongst our clients, suppliers and other stakeholders.“
Louis Beaumont | Founder Hive Cleaning
“We are in favor of any action that leads to the awareness and reduction of plastic in general and especially for the protection of the oceans in all its senses.”
Manolo Diez del Sel Hola Manolo! GmbH

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50% of Americans are more likely to switch to purpose-driven brands

How Plastic Bank works

Progressive people and businesses subscribe to:

  • fund plastic collection
  • help clean the environment
  • support communities

Members gather and exchange plastic for:

  • increased income
  • zero-interest loans
  • education
  • social benefits

Impact is traceable:

  • Collections and exchanges are verified through our proprietary blockchain-secured platform
  • Subscribers get access to authentic stories from collection communities

Funding collection helps:

  • provide raw material for creating recycled plastic feedstock
  • substitute virgin with recycled plastic
  • offset plastic consumption
  • create a circular economy for plastic

What your subscription includes

Create and share impact in one click.


Your exclusive library of videos, photos, social templates, badges and more.

Monthly impact

Your guaranteed collection of plastic gathered from the environment, each month.


Your monthly and to-date certificates with verified impact to display in your shop, online, or on social media.

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Quick pay

Increase your impact as needed and without changing your subscription.

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Branded impact

A public-facing landing page to share the environmental and social impact your business is making with your customers.

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Storytelling templates

Share impactful stories about the difference your brand is making with the world.

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