What’s your plastic footprint?

Discover the impact of your daily plastic use on the environment with our easy-to-use Footprint Calculator and take a step towards becoming a conscious consumer.

An eco-friendly sign shaped like a bare footprint stands on a sandy beach trail, with the phrase 'ONLY LEAVE YOUR FOOT PRINTS' written in bold letters, emphasizing the importance of reducing one's plastic footprint to preserve the natural coastal environment. The ocean in the background is in soft focus, highlighting the sign's message.

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Choose what describes you best and our plastic footprint calculator will guide you through the steps to learn about your usage.

How does your Plastic Footprint compare?

Plastic is a big part of our daily life – it’s in our clothes, cars, and all sorts of packaging, from food to online shopping. It’s present in every corner of our homes, even within our walls.

Our Plastic Footprint Calculator gives you a full picture of how much durable and disposable plastic you use over a specific period of time, how that compares with your country average, and how your choices can make a difference.

Source: Jambeck, J. R. (2015). Plastic waste inputs from land into the ocean. Retrieved from


Understand how much plastic you’re using and its effect on the planet. Seek alternate solutions to reduce your plastic footprint.


Take personal responsibility by developing sustainable habits, cutting down on single-use plastic, and supporting initiatives that stop plastic pollution.


By reducing your plastic footprint, you’re part of a community that champions the planet and its people. Be an inspiration to others and play a crucial role in creating a better future for generations to come.

Offset your plastic usage

Contribute to a better world by going plastic net zero or simply reducing your plastic footprint.

A focused view on compressed blocks of mixed recyclable materials, predominantly plastics, in various states of compression and decomposition. The foreground is blurred, with sharpness gradually increasing towards the middle of the image, capturing the multitude of colors and text on the materials, indicating their previous uses as consumer products. The background features a worn wall and piping, suggesting an industrial recycling facility.

Get involved with Plastic Bank

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Grow your

Stop plastic pollution and create social impact with plastic offsets, recycled feedstock, and customized toolkits to share your story.

a smiling man contributing to environmental conservation by collecting plastic waste. He holds up a clear plastic bottle to the light, showcasing his find, while holding a mesh bag likely for gathering more litter.


Choose your monthly contribution or discover programs for your friends, family, colleagues, and community.