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Subscription to small business sustainability

Customized for entrepreneurs aspiring to make a scalable impact, subscription offers an ideal start for businesses looking to stand out as a force for good.


Offset your business’ plastic footprint with traceability and empower collection communities gathering discarded plastic from the environment.

Recycled plastic

Integrate Social Plastic®, our traceable recycled plastic feedstock into your products or packaging to reduce your environmental footprint and promote a circular economy.

Change business as usual into business for good

Over 49% consumers pay an average of 59% more 
for brands that are sustainable and socially responsible.
Brand differentiation

Stand out in the market as a socially and environmentally conscious business.

Consumer relevance

Attract like-minded consumers who value companies that walk their talk, and garner loyalty for long-term growth.

Community empowerment

Support communities on the frontlines of pollution and poverty by creating jobs and income opportunities through plastic collection.

Positive environmental impact

Actively reduce your footprint and achieve plastic neutrality by supporting the collection of plastic waste.

Sustainable supply chains

Create products and packaging with recycled Social Plastic® feedstock and support a circular economy for plastic.

Traceable progress towards ESGs

Enhance your ESG initiatives with our traceable solution to deliver on your environmental and social responsibility.

How Plastic Bank works

A smiling man stands proudly on a sand beach with a sack marked 'Plastic Bank Indonesia'. Behind him, the beach stretches out with natural debris and a rugged cliff, indicating the ongoing efforts to keep this unique environment clean.

Progressive people and businesses subscribe to:

  • fund plastic collection
  • help clean the environment
  • support communities

Members gather and exchange plastic for:

  • increased income
  • zero-interest loans
  • education
  • social benefits

Impact is traceable:

  • Collections and exchanges are verified through our proprietary blockchain-secured platform
  • Subscribers get access to authentic stories from collection communities

Funding collection helps:

  • provide raw material for creating recycled plastic feedstock
  • substitute virgin with recycled plastic
  • offset plastic consumption
  • create a circular economy for plastic

Businesses driving sustainability

Become impact ready

Strategies for environmental and social impact

Download our concise guide to learn about environmental and social impact strategies that go beyond mundane sustainability initiatives to help achieve your goals.

EPR readiness with proven solutions

Comply with your country’s legislation on plastic waste management while building a strong reputation for your brand and business. Only available in our countries of operation.

A smiling young woman stands on a littered beach, holding up a plastic bottle with her right hand and carrying a white sack with the 'Plastic Bank Indonesia' logo.

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