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blank Do you produce a product that is made of or packaged in plastic?
blank Are you looking to secure a consistent supply chain of quality plastic feedstock in order to meet your sustainability goals?

Social Plastic® is ethically recovered material that transfers its value to communities in need. As a primary user of Social Plastic® you will have a direct and traceable impact on helping to stop ocean plastic and improve lives.

Shoppers are expected to spend up to $150 billion on sustainable products by 2021, and the sustainability factor is the key driver for new gains in multiple industries.

Additionally, customers are looking to businesses to make choices that leave a positive impact on communities and take care of the planet:

Major consumer goods companies and retailers have committed to increasing recycled content in their packaging to an average of 25% by 2025. The increased demand for recycled plastics as a result of these targets will amount to 5.4 million tonnes by 2025.
Plastic Bank offers a regenerative and consistent supply chain of quality Social Plastic® feedstock that results in improved access to employment, education, services, and technology for developing communities across the globe.

Our offering

Pellet or flake feedstock of rPET, rHDPE, rLDPE, and rPP

Plastic Bank’s proprietary, IBM-powered blockchain technology allows for :

Minimum order of


tonnes / year
  • 1Traceable and transparent supply chain
  • 2Auditable social and environmental impact tracking

Your social impact

By purchasing Social Plastic®, you help enliven developing communities and prevent ocean-bound plastic. Our collection members receive a premium above the market rate for plastic. This increases the recycling rate for ocean-bound plastic while giving collectors a path out of poverty.


We offer access to an auditable and traceable supply chain of quality recovered plastic feedstock. Our proprietary blockchain technology, powered by IBM, allows for a transparent and traceable supply chain, and auditable, real-time impact tracking.

By partnering with Plastic Bank, you can reach and exceed your CSR goals. By becoming our partner, you can share your values and build a stronger sense of loyalty and support. We will provide information, assets and marketing collaboration opportunities that can be shared with your audience and ours.



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