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Social Plastic®

Recycled plastic is 
good for the planet 
and good for business

86% of consumers prefer products made with recycled plastic;

93% would buy again

PCR feedstock must-haves

Not all post-consumer recycled feedstock is created equal.
Environmental impact

Gives new life to old plastic gathered from the environment, enabling a circular economy, and substituting the need for virgin materials in products and packaging.


A blockchain-secured platform traces the raw materials’ journey, from the moment discarded plastic is exchanged, until the moment it is purchased as recycled feedstock for products and packaging.


Sourced from collection methods that are committed to fair treatment and safe working conditions, providing economic empowerment to collection communities.


Every kilogram of discarded plastic reprocessed into recycled feedstock has an authentic story of human endeavour in its journey to becoming a raw material for your product.

Catalyst for change

Offers multiple ways to inspire people to transform waste into value and gather together to stop plastic pollution and end poverty.

All the plastic you need, recycled!

Our Social Plastic feedstock is available in PET, HDPE, LDPE, and PP, in 14 unique SKUs.

Authentic impact, verified success

The story of Social Plastic through the lens of a Windex bottle.

Life of a Bottle – Windex
SC Johnson & Plastic Bank

We share the life of a bootle in a video showcasing how social plastic can be recycled into consumer products.

What is Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) feedstock?

Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) feedstock is material recycled at its end-of-life in consumer use. Using PCR reduces the demand for virgin materials, creating environmental impact and supporting circularity.

By integrating PCR in manufacturing, businesses and brands champion sustainability efforts and appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

What makes Social Plastic feedstock different from other recycled plastic?

All Social Plastic is recycled plastic feedstock, but not all recycled plastic feedstock is Social Plastic.

Social Plastic feedstock is sourced directly from communities hand-gathering discarded plastic and exchanging it for money and social benefits, helping them pave a path out of poverty and creating environmental, social, and economic impact.

Your journey to a circular economy

Easy to adopt, traceable to trust, and quick to deliver positive impact.

Step 1

Meet with our experts

Start your journey by sharing your plastic feedstock requirements and volume, and qualify it.

Step 2

Customize your feedstock

Receive a personalized consultation to understand how Social Plastic can make a difference and unlock more value for your business or brand.

Step 3

Integrate in your supply chain

Close the loop by integrating Social Plastic feedstock into your products and packaging.

Step 4

Track, share, and celebrate

Monitor the impact of your contribution, and share the story of the authentic change your products and packaging create.

Businesses driving
the plastic circular economy

Our partners are leading by example

“I’m particularly pleased that this program with Plastic Bank helps to address poverty and create a closed-loop supply chain at the same time.”
Fisk Johnson Chairman and CEO of SC Johnson
“Our dedication to Doing Business the Right Way and working for a better future in compliance with the 17 UN SDG’s is always apparent, and the partnership with Plastic Bank is no exception.”
Stig Maasboel ScanCom CEO
“Advansa is partnering with Plastic Bank to take action against plastic waste. Plastic collected by Plastic Bank is cleaned and mechanically recycled before being used by Advansa as a valuable raw material in fibre production.”
David Bayliss Managing Director of ADVANSA Marketing GmbH
“Actively scanning the market for companies or organizations that could help us build on our sustainability goals, we came across Plastic Bank. They seemed a perfect fit as, just like for us, both the social and environmental aspects were indispensable and unmistakably intertwined in their business strategy. Actively pursuing these goals will ultimately create a better world.”
Hugo Christiaen Director CSR for TWE Group

Looking to offset your plastic footprint?

Not ready to dive into post-consumer recycled materials just yet but still want to make a positive impact by offsetting your business or brand’s plastic footprint?

Explore how you can start making an authentic difference right away with our traceable plastic credits.