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End poverty,
stop plastic pollution

With your subscription, you’ll empower collection communities to gather plastic materials and exchange it for money and access to social benefits.

It’s a win for you, a win for our communities, and a win for the planet.

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A focused view on compressed blocks of mixed recyclable materials, predominantly plastics, in various states of compression and decomposition. The foreground is blurred, with sharpness gradually increasing towards the middle of the image, capturing the multitude of colors and text on the materials, indicating their previous uses as consumer products. The background features a worn wall and piping, suggesting an industrial recycling facility.

80% of ocean plastic pollution comes from areas of poverty

Low-income communities lack recycling infrastructure and depend on cheap, single-use plastic items, leading to their over-consumption and contributing to global pollution.

Top ocean pollution points

Biggest ocean plastic contributors

Your help solves both

How Plastic Bank works

A smiling man stands proudly on a sand beach with a sack marked 'Plastic Bank Indonesia'. Behind him, the beach stretches out with natural debris and a rugged cliff, indicating the ongoing efforts to keep this unique environment clean.

Progressive people and businesses subscribe to:

  • fund plastic collection
  • help clean the environment
  • support communities

Members gather and exchange plastic for:

  • increased income
  • zero-interest loans
  • education
  • social benefits

Impact is traceable:

  • Collections and exchanges are verified through our proprietary blockchain-secured platform
  • Subscribers get access to authentic stories from collection communities

Funding collection helps:

  • provide raw material for creating recycled plastic feedstock
  • substitute virgin with recycled plastic
  • offset plastic consumption
  • create a circular economy for plastic

Traceable impact

our community of

50,360 members

working in

1,497 communities

gathered the equivalent of

6,537,222,449 bottles

total plastic waste collected

130,744,449 kg

You have the power to regenerate
our planet

A special message from our Founder, David Katz.

David Katz with a calm and composed expression stands in a recycling center, wearing a long-sleeve shirt with the slogan 'STOPPING OCEAN PLASTIC' alongside the Plastic Bank logo. Behind him is a dimly lit setting with various bags of recyclable materials, underscoring the importance of the work being done to combat plastic pollution in marine environments.

Our community

We are able to buy our family necessities like food and other essentials through the bonus we receive. It has also helped us cover the maintenance of our small boat, buy fishing nets, and afford a small renovation on our home. We’ve even been able to save some of our earnings. In case we are in a difficult situation again, we have savings to grab from.


a member in Baseco, Philippines

The benefits we receive through plastic exchange are used to provide for our daily needs. The most important thing we receive is BPJS Health Insurance for my husband’s treatment.

Asis & Atmawati

members in Bali, Indonesia

The bonus I receive with the exchange really helps me to support my family and afford the things we need. One of those things is the medicine for my son that I buy every month.

Carla Maria

a member in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Even though I didn’t get a chance to continue my own education, I’ve made sure my kids get a proper education. My dream is to see my kids graduate and be able to help my oldest daughter get married. Plastic Bank is helping me with my dream.

Bashay Shawky

a member in Cairo, Egypt

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Every bottle provides increased income for a collection member.

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