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A member of the Plastic Bank Philippines recycling community smiling and holding up a plastic bottle

Social EPR
plastic credits

Meet and exceed your EPR by supporting collection communities gathering plastic waste for additional income and social benefits, protecting our beautiful shorelines, and helping end poverty in the Philippines.

A member of the Plastic Bank Philippines recycling community sitting on a bicycle with a trolley containing recycles bottles

Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) feedstock

You can minimize your environmental footprint, support the circularity of materials, and help end poverty in the Philippines by integrating recycled plastic feedstock into your supply chain.

Our community
members in the

Even at my age, I am trying to provide for myself, in my own little way of collecting scrap, I can find a way to relieve hunger. It became a lot easier when I was able to join Plastic Bank.

Nanay Elizabeth Ampuyas

a member in Baseco, Manila, Philippines

Our main problem here is the huge amount of trash. I can say that joining Plastic Bank made a big difference. The importance of helping the community, care for our surroundings, and help out in solving the garbage problem.

Vilma Intero Lachica

a member in Baseco, Manila, Philippines

For us, we want to clean our community. Help one another keep our surroundings clean. As much as possible we try to keep it clean.

Maria Gracia Rosaurois

a member in General Trias, Philippines

Our impact in the Philippines

our community of

20,762 members

working in

541 communities

gathered the equivalent of

1,393,506,053 bottles

total plastic waste collected

27,870,121 kg

By 2028, businesses in the Philippines must demonstrate recovery and diversion of 80% of their plastic packaging footprint.

Elevate your business beyond compliance

Two joyful elderly women are laughing together in an outdoor market setting. The woman on the left wears a vibrant pink hat and a bright green shirt with a recycling symbol, while carrying a white bag. The woman on the right is dressed in a black and white patterned dress.

Social impact customization

Choose the social impact that best fits your EPR and ESG goals and targets. This includes life and accident insurance and nutrition programs offering vouchers to purchase essential groceries.

Audit-ready traceability

Authenticate your ESG and EPR reporting by tracing every transaction, the amount of plastic gathered, the branch location of each exchange, and the verified social impact uniquely assigned to you.

Man smiling and holding two plastic bottles in each hand. Behind him are large bags holding recycled plastic waste.

Authentic storytelling

Access Story Book, our exclusive digital library with guidelines, video footage, photo content, and turnkey campaign toolkits to create and share impact with your customers.

Person holding two items in each hand. One is a consumer-ready plastic bottle. The other is a clear tube with HDPE feedstock.

Enabling circularity

Your impact gathers raw material for mechanically recycled PCR feedstock, preventing waste from ending up in the ocean, landfills, or being burnt.

Partner engagement

Engage employees and stakeholders by unlocking tools and educational materials, or integrating experiences like community visits, keynote speeches, and event offsets.

Illustration of a square with API PLUG-INS written on in. There are lines attached to the square.

Resources and integration

Use API plug-ins to share impact updates directly through your website. Access impact certificates, pre-approved claims, badges, and usage guidelines.

Ask us about our add-ons:

  • Plastic Net-Zero badge
  • Full service
  • Capacity pre-booking
  • Activated collection branches

Businesses driving
impact in the Philippines

Tony Del Rosario, Global Vice President for Supply, Product and Sustainability.

Tony Del Rosario

Global Vice President for Supply, Product and Sustainability, Coca-Cola Philippines

Neogin Evangelista

President and CEO, PHILUSA Corporation

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