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A social fintech gathering to end poverty

We’re solving poverty and pollution with one transformative idea: plastic as money.

How Plastic Bank works

A smiling man stands proudly on a sand beach with a sack marked 'Plastic Bank Indonesia'. Behind him, the beach stretches out with natural debris and a rugged cliff, indicating the ongoing efforts to keep this unique environment clean.

Progressive people and businesses subscribe to:

  • fund plastic collection
  • help clean the environment
  • support communities

Members gather and exchange plastic for:

  • increased income
  • zero-interest loans
  • education
  • social benefits

Impact is traceable:

  • Collections and exchanges are verified through our proprietary blockchain-secured platform
  • Subscribers get access to authentic stories from collection communities

Funding collection helps:

  • provide raw material for creating recycled plastic feedstock
  • substitute virgin with recycled plastic
  • offset plastic consumption
  • create a circular economy for plastic

Traceable impact

our community of

50,360 members

working in

539 communities

gathered the equivalent of

6,537,222,449 bottles

total plastic waste collected

130,744,449 kg

Serving our mission

David Katz

David is a steward of the earth and a champion for the poor. Recognized as one of the world’s most compassionate entrepreneurs, David has received numerous awards, including the United Nations Lighthouse Award and the Ernst & Young Lifetime Achievement Award. His groundbreaking work has gained widespread media attention, featuring in major outlets like BBC, CNN, and Forbes, and he has made appearances on and various documentaries and reality shows.

Shaun Frankson

Shaun is a digital strategist and proudly empowers others to create a fulfilling life of purpose. He designed Plastic Bank’s blockchain-secured fintech platform, offering end-to-end supply chain traceability, universal income, financial inclusion, and life-enhancing advantages for the world’s poor. He earned recognition as an Ashoka Emerging Innovator and an IBM Champion. Additionally, alongside David Katz, he was honoured with the Sustainia Community Award at COP21 and the United Nations Momentum for Change Award at COP23. Shaun is a social good spokesman and performed a 2017 TEDx Talk on saving the planet through responsible consumerism. He has appeared in the award-winning documentary A Plastic Ocean, the reality TV show Dragons’ Den, numerous news interviews, and even seen on a Las Vegas billboard.

Gidget Velez

Gidget is a seasoned Business Development Expert. Her experience spanning over three decades across international markets has given her a unique perspective on diverse industries and cultures. She has held C-level roles in companies such as Coca-Cola, Jim Beam, Publicis Groupe, and more, covering diverse markets such as the Philippines, Southeast Asia, Russia, and Micronesia. She is also a leadership mentor for international NGOs. As Chief Supply and Countries Officer, Gidget leads our supply chain operations and country teams, empowering key stakeholders to magnify the needed impact to end poverty and stop plastic pollution.

Antoine Delgrange

Antoine is a passionate senior executive with a proven track record in growing brands, customers, and employee engagement. He is a creative strategist, brand storyteller, and team builder inspired by unleashing change in the world. He accumulated 25 years of experience leading multicultural teams, growing brands, and driving transformation in companies like Procter & Gamble, Danone, Coty, and Alcon, where he could understand firsthand how authentic human insights and a culture of agile cross-functional thinking can create long-term value. As Chief Marketing Officer at Plastic Bank, Antoine leads and nurtures our human-to-human movement that reveals value in waste, empowering changemakers to be a force for social and environmental good!

Frequently asked questions

Why are you called
Plastic Bank?

We reveal the true economic value of plastic, making it too valuable to be left in the environment. In doing so, we’ve created a system for plastic exchange similar to any other currency exchange. Our PlasticBank® app uses fintech and blockchain technology to securely execute plastic transactions. The app’s digital wallet is often the first savings account that our members own. For those reasons, we call ourselves Plastic Bank.

Is Plastic Bank a

We are a for-profit social fintech. We re-invest the majority of our profits into our collection benefits, development and maintenance of recycling infrastructure, and technology development for material traceability for a greater social, environmental, and economic impact.

Get involved with Plastic Bank

a man wearing a hard hat, standing in front of large bales of compressed plastic bottles, likely at a recycling facility. He is examining the bales to compare it to the recycled material.

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Stop plastic pollution and create social impact with plastic offsets, recycled feedstock, and customized toolkits to share your story.

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