David Katz

David is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Plastic Bank. His idea of addressing both poverty and plastic pollution through a social fintech has enlivened an opportunity for the world to gather and exchange plastic for money, social benefits, and beyond. Today, Plastic Bank empowers over 128,898,369 collection communities with more than 50,277 members in the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, Egypt, Thailand, and Cameroon. David’s leadership has helped guide businesses of all sizes to reduce their environmental footprint, promote a circular economy, and support communities.

David has been named one of the world’s most compassionate entrepreneurs. He is the recipient of the United Nations Lighthouse Award for Planetary Health, recipient of the Paris Climate Conference Sustainia Community Award, recipient of the Ernst & Young Lifetime Achievement Award, recipient of The Globe and Mail: Report on Business Magazine’s Changemakers Award, and named the Entrepreneur Organizations, Global Citizen.

His humanitarian work has earned him international recognition. David has been featured in hundreds of international news and investigative articles, including BBC, CNN, Time Magazine, Forbes, Fast Company, Business Week, and National Geographic. David can be found at, is featured in award-winning documentaries and starred in an international reality television show.

David is a steward of the earth and a champion for the poor.

Story of becoming

David Katz talks about the spark that ignited his passion for change. His story teaches us that it’s not about knowing it all, but about committing to become someone who can make a difference.

It’s up to us to enliven a wasteless world.

David Katz, CEO of Plastic Bank describes how he began Plastic Bank and how the company wants to make a world-wide difference.

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