Plastic Positive Workforce

Bring purpose to your workforce

Engage your employees in a meaningful cause for the planet. Join other leading companies making environmental and social stewardship a core part of their strategy to attract and retain employees, while building an impact-driven corporate culture.

What is a Plastic Positive Workforce?

A Plastic Positive Workforce offsets more than the annual personal plastic footprint of each employee to fund the recovery of an equal amount of plastic through the Social Plastic ecosystem.

Why have
your team
go Plastic Positive?

Employees expectations for good corporate citizenship are rising.

Recent Studies1 Show:

88% of millennials believe that employers should combat inequality and environmental issues
81% of millennials say business success should be measured by more than profit

67 percent of employees prefer to work for socially responsible companies

Employees who believe that their employer supports the local community are 38 percent more likely to stay at that employer for longer

1. Deloitte – Citizenship and social impact: Society holds the mirror

By providing a platform for your employees to engage in promoting positive impact in the world, you strengthen your position as an purpose driven organization.


When your workforce becomes Plastic Positive, you invest in the purchase of Social Plastic Collection Credits (SPCC). Each SPCC guarantees the recovery of 1 kilogram of ocean-bound plastic.

SPCCs fund the payment of premiums to our members for the material collected, as well as the infrastructure needed to reintegrate that material into the supply chain. As part of our root-cause solution, SPCCs reduce plastic pollution and poverty by making recycling profitable for the world’s most underprivileged communities, giving them a path out of poverty.

How it works?


We help you assess your workforce plastic footprint by the size of your team.


We calculate the equivalent amount of Social Plastic Collection Credits necessary to fulfill the Plastic Positive promise.


SPCCs are distributed to our ecosystems to support our collectors and the infrastructure needed to extract and recycle the desired plastic volume.


Our proprietary blockchain technology, powered by IBM, creates traceable supply chain, and auditable, real-time impact tracking. The distribution of your SPCCs is done through our blockchain platform to guarantee transparency. It is an audit-proof guarantee on us delivering on your impact promise.


We’re seeing a bigger trend of employees becoming increasingly sensitive to how their organizations address issues such as income inequality, hunger, and the environment. By joining our Workforce Plastic Positivity Program, you gain access to a powerful regenerative platform that connects your brand to conscious employees, promotes talent attraction and retention, and strengthens your organization’s position as a leader in sustainability. As a Workforce Positive partner, your team receives personalized Plastic Positive certificates to celebrate your impact.


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