Gathering together to save our oceans

We are recovering millions of kilograms of ocean plastic and helping thousands of under-served peoples every month.

This info is from our block-chain verified app

Plastic recycled

The amount of plastic collected and recycled in our ecosystems.

Registered Members

The number of registered collectors in our ecosystems.

Active Plastic Bank Branches

The number of Plastic Bank locations in our ecosystems where collectors can exchange plastic.

School programs

Number of schools using our impact programs: where schools can collect plastic for tuition, supplies, and other impactful results.

Making an impact to improve lives

Join the Plastic Bank Movement

Discover how you or your business can help solve the ocean plastic crisis in a way that makes sense for you today.

Beyond preventing ocean plastic

We’re addressing other root causes of ocean pollution and global poverty

Sustainable Product Development

Our Social Plastic® feedstock is used in our partner’s products, preventing the need for new plastic creation. Our goal is to override the market’s need for virgin plastic materials by providing ethically recovered material that also transfers its value to communities in need.

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