Traceable sustainability reporting
at your fingertips

Plastic Bank’s Impact Hub Enterprise is created with a single objective:
Make authentic impact faster, simpler, more effective, and traceable.

What does Impact Hub offer?

Social impact customization

Choose the social impact you want associated with your brand or business to best fit your ESG goals and targets.


Authenticate your ESG reporting by tracing every impact transaction, the amount of plastic gathered for your plastic credits, location of the collection branch where the gathered plastic was exchanged, and the verified social impact uniquely assigned for traceability and trust.

Authentic storytelling

Access our exclusive digital library where your marketing and creative teams can search and download authentic video and photo content from our communities. Use our activation toolkits and guidelines to create impactful stories that are aligned with your brand. Share the difference you are making with your consumers, stakeholders, retailers, and the world.

Annual campaign toolkits

Plan ahead for key environmental and social observances with turnkey campaign toolkits that highlight your impact in line with the occasion.

Employee engagement

Tap into tools and educational materials for employee engagement, empowering your staff members to create change.

Resources and integration

Access your unique API plug-ins for integration and share impact updates with your audiences directly through your website. You can also access your impact certificates, pre-approved claims, badges, and usage guidelines to share your impact across multiple marketing and distribution channels.