Plastic Bank’s Partnership with weDo/ Professional

weDo/ is a tribute to people who fight to make the world a better place, but also a platform to help us act more sustainably together. With Plastic Bank®, weDo/ Professional is doubling down on its commitment to fighting ocean plastic.

weDo/ Professional is a new eco-ethical hair care brand that strongly believes every act has an impact. With sustainability at the core of its mission, they believe change is only achieved by working together. This is why weDo/ has partnered with Plastic Bank – to make a real global impact. For each weDo/ product sold, the equivalent of 8 ocean-bound plastic bottles is removed from the environment. Over 1 year of our partnership with weDo/, almost 120 tons of plastic waste has been collected in Indonesia, the equivalent of over 6,000,000 plastic bottles prevented from entering the ocean! 

weDo/ Professional Background on Sustainability

weDo/ Professional is a new eco-ethical haircare brand that is on a mission to help people transition to a happier, healthier, & more sustainable lifestyle. weDo/ Professional designs its products to be 100% recyclable and is using recycled plastic while simultaneously working on new ways to decrease their plastic impact, with solid forms for example. weDo/ Professional and Plastic Bank believe that if we all act together, we will make a difference! In partnership with weDo/ Professional, we collect on average 1,856 plastic bottles per day

weDo/ Professional designs its products to be 100% recyclable







Impactful Together

We started our journey in 2019 and the numbers of our collected bottles have grown exponentially. We are excited to continue our partnership and to collectively drive a local and global impact. We look forward to extending our partnership with weDo/ Professional and to keep fighting ocean plastic and poverty together!

“There is a need for a collective effort to change the way we consume in order to decrease the impact we are having on the planet. And the beauty industry has a big role to play in this. We work with Plastic Bank to help us bring to life our ambition and act together to have an impact.”


Cecile Jolly and Antoine Schuler
Co-founders of weDo/ Professional

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