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Plastic Bank’s Partnership with waterdrop®️


For waterdrop®, sustainability is not a privilege – it’s a requirement. Since day one, waterdrop® has been committed to working towards a world without plastic bottles; to not only reduce plastic waste to a minimum, but spotlight sustainability at the core of everything waterdrop® does. By adopting sustainable packaging solutions, waterdrop® uses 98% less plastic compared to pre-filled beverages, and produces 98% less CO2 by shipping only the essence of the drink. Every day, waterdrop® gets closer and closer to fulfilling this vision – reducing now, actively removing for the future.

Sustainability is at the core of everything waterdrop® does  

With sustainability embedded in its blueprint, waterdrop® strives to continue finding ways to become even more sustainable; a vision that primarily led to its important collaboration with Plastic Bank. Inspired by how Plastic Bank empowers its collection communities by turning simple waste into valuable opportunities, waterdrop® started a simple, yet actionable initiative: for every waterdrop® 12-Pack sold, one plastic bottle is removed from the environment.

Cleaning plastic in Kedonganan beach, Bali, Indonesia
Martin Murray, Founder & CEO at waterdrop

Martin Murray

Founder & CEO at waterdrop®

David Katz

CEO and Founder of Plastic Bank

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