Plastic Bank’s Partnership with The Conqueror


The Conqueror has proudly gathered a powerful community of over 1 million people worldwide who are using their technology to help them form healthy habits through exercise. The Conqueror has 60+ virtual challenges available, so anyone from anywhere can exercise at any time and move along the virtual equivalents of iconic routes by walking, running, cycling, swimming and more. The Conqueror believes that a healthy life should also be accompanied by a sustainable mindset, which is why they’ve partnered with Plastic Bank to help solve one of the biggest current issues: ocean plastic.

To motivate and include their community in this commitment, every time someone completes 20% of any regular Conqueror challenge, The Conqueror contributes to Plastic Bank. Within 6 months of starting the initiative, their customers have stopped over 90 tons of plastic from entering the ocean (that’s the equivalent of 4.5 million plastic bottles). 

Plastic Bank is proud to partner with The Conqueror so their customers can make a positive change while virtually traveling the world and building healthy habits. 

A Healthy Environment through a Healthy Lifestyle

The Conqueror believes that if we feel good while doing good, this means we live in a harmonious ecosystem.They want to protect the natural environment for the following generations to live as freely as we do today. The Conqueror aims to connect a healthy lifestyle with a healthy environment.

Raul, CEO of Conqueror

Raul Vintila

CEO @ The Conqueror

David Katz

CEO and Founder of Plastic Bank

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