Plastic Bank’s Partnership with SC Johnson

Expanding Recycling Ecosystems Around The World while Promoting Sustainable Packaging Solutions

In partnership with SC Johnson, we’re creating regenerative impact in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Brazil. SC Johnson has lived its purpose for decades – prioritizing transparency, and environmental and social responsibility. Our partnership is an example of SC Johnson’s values in practice. Together, we are preventing over 1.5 billion plastic bottles from entering the ocean over 3 years!

SC Johnson’s Impact Report

Start date: 01/2019
Global Impact
children to receive bursaries Opening soon!
12,501,321 kg of plastic extracted Opening soon!
625,066,050 bottles collected
283 Collection Points
Communities Served
Cities Served
68,528 Lives Impacted
17549 Collectors
Women Collectors
Schools Impacted
All data is blockchain verified. Last updated 06/09/2021 ?

Building a closed-loop supply chain

SC Johnson is creating a closed-loop supply chain by reintroducing ocean bound plastic into its packaging. In 2019, SC Johnson launched its first Windex® Vinegar bottle made out of 100% Social Plastic®. And in 2020, it launched bottles made with 100% Social Plastic® in Windex® Original and Windex® Vinegar in North America, as well as Mr. Muscle® Platinum Window and Glass Cleaner in the U.K. and Ireland.

SC Johnson brands use Social Plastic®

SC Johnson incorporates Social Plastic® into its cleaning product lines

Growing together

Our first activation with SC Johnson took place in 2019. We opened 9 collection branches in Bali, Indonesia – including our first mobile collection branch enabling us to engage new collector communities. Indonesia is now the largest Plastic Bank recycling ecosystem with over 10,000 registered collectors, collecting over 4 million kg of ocean bound plastic.

Leveraging our success in Indonesia, we partnered with SC Johnson to build the first Plastic Bank recycling ecosystem in Brazil. Since November 2019, we have opened 15 branches in Rio de Janeiro, engaging over 1,400 members and collecting over 670,000 kg of ocean bound plastic.

Looking forward

In partnership with SC Johnson, we’re expanding our recycling ecosystems around the world! Over 3 years, we will be opening 509 collection branches in Indonesia, the Philippines, Brazil, Thailand, and Vietnam. The 509 collection branches will enable the collection of 30 million kg of plastic – the equivalent of preventing 1.5 billion plastic bottles from entering the ocean. SC Johnson is committed to reintroducing Social Plastic back into its products creating a circular supply chain.

“Building recycling infrastructure to stop plastic before it reaches the ocean and reintroducing it into products and packaging is key to solving the ocean plastics problem. I’m particularly pleased that this program we developed with Plastic Bank helps to address poverty and create a closed-loop supply chain at the same time.”

Fisk Johnson
Chairman and CEO of SC Johnson

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