Plastic Bank’s Partnership with Reckitt


Reckitt exists to protect, heal and nurture in the relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world – which includes a healthy planet. That’s why Reckitt is continuously working to integrate sustainability more deeply into its business – from raw material sourcing, to production processes, to product development or supporting vulnerable communities through social impact programmes. 

The company has set itself ambitious sustainability targets, including goals for plastics and packaging: By 2025, 100% of plastic packaging to be reusable or recyclable and increasing the share of recycled material to 25%, and 50% reduction of virgin plastic in packaging by 2030. 

With our local partnership we are fighting plastic waste in the environment. For every purchase of our Hygiene brands on Amazon and On-demand platforms in Germany we enable Plastic Bank to collect a minimum of 100,000 kg plastic waste – the equivalent of 5 million plastic bottles.

Delivering on Reckitt’s promises of sustainable products

No one can solve the global challenge of plastic waste alone. That’s why Reckitt has chosen Plastic Bank as a strong partner with the right expertise. The collaboration with Plastic Bank complements the company’s sustainability strategy and is another step towards delivering on Reckitt’s promises of sustainable products, packaging and circular economy. The partnership also contributes to our social impact strategy by supporting vulnerable communities with social impact benefits for the collection of plastic waste.

Reckitt is working continuously on improving the sustainability of the product portfolio. Over the last years, we have launched packaging innovations, like the first ever 100% recyclable doypack for Finish, developed over 50 eCom dedicated packagings and drove solutions like refills to lower our plastic footprint.

Kalyan Undinty

eCom Director DACH at Reckitt

David Katz

CEO and Founder of Plastic Bank

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