You Can Trust The Food
You Eat

It’s an old saying but it holds true: You are what you eat. That’s why Green Chef is proud to be a USDA-certified organic company. We source wholesome, clean, sustainable ingredients of the highest quality.

Green Chef is committed to using only the most cutting-edge, eco-friendly packaging to protect your food in transit.

Until truly “sustainable” food packaging is possible, we are doing everything in our power to make sustainability our bottom-line. By partnering with Plastic Bank, we’re able to offset more than the plastic in every Green Chef box, which has a tangible impact on reducing plastic pollution in our oceans. This also creates new economic opportunities —  Plastic Bank pays locals in Southeast Asia to collect plastic that would otherwise end up in the ocean. We also belong to the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, where we are fully engaged with industry-leading suppliers and innovators.

Our packaging and business model are designed to maximize efficiency in every sense of the word. You skip a trip to the grocery store, your food gets a shared ride to your home, and you save time not worrying about meal planning. We even offset the carbon emissions for every Green Chef box, taking into account all the operations, corporate travel, and of course, shipping required for each box. (Fun fact: Green Chef has offset the carbon footprint of every box we have ever sold!)

We are truly setting an example for the rest of the industry in our proactive approach to sustainability.

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