Plastic Bank’s Partnership with Eksperience™


Through the partnership with Plastic Bank, Full Circle can achieve plastic neutrality, offsetting the plastic produced by collecting an equivalent amount of ocean-bound plastic from the environment. Full Circle Home aims to help their customers to reduce their plastic footprint by designing products that use environmentally conscious materials and is working to eliminate plastic from their packaging.

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Revlon Partners with Plastic Bank to Reduce Ocean Plastic 

Eksperience™ aims to push forward the professional haircare industry by achieving the perfect balance between sea, science, and senses while strengthening its commitment to sustainability. 

After having taken great steps in minimizing its impact by working on formulas and packaging, Eksperience™ joined forces with Plastic Bank to go one step further and reduce ocean plastic by removing the equivalent of more than 4 million plastic bottles from the environment in 2023. 

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President International Revlon

Charles Waters

President International Revlon

David Katz

CEO and Founder of Plastic Bank

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Stop plastic pollution and create social impact with plastic offsets, recycled feedstock, and customized toolkits to share your story.

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