Plastic Bank’s Partnership with Alcon


This partnership represents another step in Alcon’s commitment to reducing the environmental footprint of its products and operations. And while offsetting initiatives do not represent the only sustainability solution for the vision care industry, there is widespread agreement that they offer an effective way for manufacturers to improve their plastic impact immediately, while investigating long-term solutions. This initiative, combined with the proper disposal of contact lenses and eye drop containers by consumers, are part of the solution to reduce plastic impact.

For Clear Vision & Clean Oceans

As part of its commitment to helping build a better, brighter, more sustainable future for our planet and its people, Alcon is partnering with Plastic Bank to offset every ton of plastic used to make Alcon PRECISION1®, DAILIES TOTAL1® and TOTAL30® contact lenses and their blisters across more than 90 countries through the removal of a ton of ocean-bound plastic waste from vulnerable coastal communities. This partnership also now applies to the Systane® Eye Drops portfolio across more than 30 countries . In addition, Alcon is offsetting the plastic used for its preloaded intraocular lens delivery systems used during cataract surgery around the world. For every ton of plastic traditionally used in preloaded intraocular lenses, Ultrasert® and AutonoMe®, it will be offset by the removal of a ton of ocean-bound plastic waste. To learn more about Alcon’s portfolio of brands and services, please visit Alcon’s official site.

Charles Herget

Global Head of ESG, Alcon

David Katz

CEO and Founder of Plastic Bank

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