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Join our community and contribute for the recovery and recycling of ocean-bound plastic through our Social Plastic ecosystems. $0.55 prevents 1 kg of plastic from contaminating our oceans.

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Show your support, start a conversation, and join the movement to stop ocean plastic and reduce poverty.

Limited Edition Bottle

Our Limited Edition, reusable bottles offer real and lasting impact by directly preventing ocean-bound plastic from entering our waterways.

Shirts, Hoodies, & Bags

With every product purchased you can prevent up to 1,000 bottles of plastic waste from entering the ocean.

The average person generates 84 kg of plastic waste per year

What’s my plastic footprint?

Not sure where to start? Find out using our online calculator and start your journey.

Our Programs

Discover our programs that will help empower you to make a difference in ocean pollution and poverty.

Ambassador Program

Learn about ocean plastic, Plastic Bank, and engage your workplace to stop ocean plastic. Become a Plastic Bank ambassador to help prevent ocean pollution and poverty around the world.

Faith Program

Join our community of faith leaders stepping forward to honour creation through environmental stewardship. Learn how you can make a difference through your faith community.

Brands are taking part

Through powerful brand partnerships, we are creating meaningful, global change in how we approach the plastic crisis. Become part of the solution by activating your business with one of our partnership programs.

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