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We are a marketplace for ethical plastic materials that empower disenfranchised people around the world through recycling

What is Social Plastic®?

Social Plastic® is ethically recovered material from the Plastic Bank ecosystem that transfers its value to communities in need.

Types of Plastic Available

Discover the different types of Social Plastic® feedstock available in our marketplace.





Features included for Social Plastic® Partners


Your impact and partnership will be displayed for the world to see on our website.

Live Impact data Dashboard

Follow your social and environmental impact in real-time, housed in your personal dashboard


All shipment and material details can be monitored live through your dashboard so you don’t miss a thing

STorytelling MARKETING Collateral

Recieve stories and images from the communities you have made an impact in

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Create the perfect partnership based on your desired outcomes and supply needs.
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  • We are currently unable to economically supply orders under 20 tonnes per month. We recommend that you start with our Impact Programs

What Social Plastic® Partnerships Bring to Your Business


Unmatched Social and Environmental Impact

By purchasing Social Plastic® you help enliven developing communities and prevent ocean-bound plastic. Our members receive a premium above the market rate for plastic they collect. This increases the recycling rate for ocean-bound plastic while giving collectors a path out of poverty.



Transparent and Auditable Supply Chain

In partnership with IBM, Plastic Bank has created an ethical, auditable, and fully traceable network. This ensures your shipments and impact are always 100% guaranteed and traceable to the kilo, source, and live location.



Audience Engagement and Marketing Assets

A Social Plastic® Partnership provides information, assets, and marketing collaboration opportunities that can be shared with your audience and ours. You will also be supplied with a public case study showcasing your impact on our website.


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