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Ocean-bound plastic

Plastic Bank operates under the global standard defined by Jenna Jambeck. Ocean-bound plastic is defined as plastic that has not yet found its way into the ocean but is classified as "mismanaged waste". That is, plastic that is not being (formally) collected, is not likely to be collected, and is found within 50km of an ocean-bound waterway or coastal area.

Community Members

Individuals within a recycling community who collect plastic and exchange it at a Plastic Bank collection branch for secure income and life-improving benefits.

Equivalent Bottles Stopped

The amount of ocean-bound plastic collected and recycled in our recycling communities converted into bottles. Conversion rate is 50 bottles per kg (the average weight of a 500mL bottle is ~20g)

Recycling Communities

Community of plastic collectors living within 50 kilometres of ocean-bound waterways involved in plastic collection and its exchange at Plastic Bank collection points.


Alchemy is the blockchain platform that powers the Plastic Bank app. It enables fully traceable recycling processes, secures income for recycling community members and tailors impact reports for our stewards.

Empower your business to achieve EPR excellence

Your business can play a pivotal role in shaping a regenerative future. Align and achieve your ESG and EPR goals with authentic environmental, social, and economic impact.

Helping businesses and communities thrive

We recognize the responsibility placed on businesses to meet EPR obligations. Our goal is to empower you to not only meet regulatory standards, but to provide a sustainable solution that continues to make lasting environmental, social, and economic impact that you can trace, authenticate, and claim.

Social EPR Impact Programs

Purchase plastic credits to prevent plastic pollution, protect the ocean, and support collection communities in vulnerable coastal areas.

Social Plastic® Feedstock

You can minimize your environmental footprint, support the circularity of materials, and uplift communities out of poverty by integrating recycled plastic feedstock into your supply chain.

Creating impact beyond compliance

122,677,429 kg

Plastic Stopped

Environmental stewardship

Adopt ethical recycling practices, reduce your plastic footprint, and empower a regenerative future where materials are returned to circularity.


Community members

Social responsibility

Elevate your brand by engaging in socially responsible initiatives in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Partake in programs that positively impact communities and enhance your brand storytelling.


Recycling Communities

Economic prosperity

Empower communities to unlock economic opportunities and pave a path out of poverty while reintroducing discarded plastic into the global manufacturing supply chain.

Why Work with Plastic Bank?

Expert Guidance

Benefit from our team of experts dedicated to navigating the complex landscape of ESG and EPR compliance.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that every business is unique. Our solutions are customizable to align seamlessly with your specific goals and challenges.

Measurable and Traceable Results

Track your progress with your own Impact Dashboard. See the real-time impact your business is making and broadcast it to the world with storytelling tools.

Connect with our EPR Experts

Partner with Plastic Bank to transform your EPR journey into a force for positive change. We can help you build a lasting legacy of environmental, social, and economic impact.

Social Recycling in the Philippines

Plastic pollution and poverty are intertwined. Plastic Bank empowers communities to use plastic waste as currency for access to secure income and life-improving benefits. This incentivizes collection, helps to alleviate poverty, and gives new life to old plastic for reintegration into products and packaging. We call this social recycling, and you can be part of it!

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* 2020 Zeno Strength of Purpose | (Base 8000 consumers; United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia)

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