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Plastic Bank’s collaboration with ScanCom International A/S


ScanCom International A/S is an outdoor furniture manufacturer with dedication and a commitment to delivering sustainable outdoor living options all over the world – with a deep focus on sustainability, innovation & design, and operational excellence. Plastic Bank has collaborated with ScanCom to better the world while delivering sustainable and ethical material solutions for their designs. 

ScanCom released the Stream Chair – one of the first chairs to be made of Social Plastic® feedstock, with multiple options for legs and frames ranging from FSC® wood to aluminum and steel. Additionally, ScanCom’s outdoor furniture brand LifestyleGarden® has launched the Nassau Chair and the Nassau Table, which is also produced using Social Plastic® feedstock.

Design for a better future

By sourcing Social Plastic® feedstock from Indonesia for the production of the chair, the collaboration represents a long term commitment to improve local recycling infrastructures. The use of Social Plastic® feedstock is a mutual commitment to a regenerative society through the development of a circular economy. As a result of the collaboration efforts, we will achieve environmental impact through the use of sustainable, recycled materials while empowering collectors and their communities.

Plastic Bank is proud to collaborate with ScanCom to impact collection communities while incorporating unique and sustainable designs into homes around the world.

ScanCom brands use Social Plastic® feedstock

Stig Maasboel

ScanCom CEO

Claus Skadkjaer

President of Plastic Bank Asia

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