With user-centric design at heart, Mountain creates innovative, premium gaming peripherals that can be customized to suit your needs.

“In this day and age everybody should think about our environment and what can be done to protect it.”, stated Tobias Brinkmann, CEO & Founder of Mountain. “We take our social responsibility very seriously and aim to do our part in preserving our precious planet. Minimizing the environmental impact of the production and distribution of each Everest keyboard played a large part in our design philosophy.”
“We can’t eliminate packaging entirely, but we have created packaging that can be repurposed to store your accessories after you remove your Everest keyboard from it.”, Brinkmann added. “In addition, Mountain has committed to supporting Plastic Bank’s Impact Guarantee Program. By purchasing our product, you will support extracting 25000 kg of ocean bound plastic from the environment in 2020 in partnership with Plastic Bank.”

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