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Plastic Bank’s Partnership with Henkel


Henkel takes a long-term, entrepreneurial approach toward all elements of sustainability. As a Plastic Bank founding partner, Henkel helped to establish Plastic Bank’s first recycling ecosystem in Haiti in 2017. Then in 2021 Henkel collaborated with Plastic Bank to establish collection communities in Egypt which aim to collect and recycle 5,000 metric tons of ocean-bound plastic per year! The local collection members receive stable income and life-improving benefits in exchange for the plastic they collect.  The collected plastic is then  reprocessed to create Social Plastic® feedstock that is integrated into select Henkel product packaging.

Social Plastic

Recycled plastic feedstock that is reprocessed and reintegrated into products and packaging by Plastic Bank partner organizations and brands for positive social, environmental, and economic impact.


Maintenance & Development of social, ethical, traceable recycling infrastructure to empower circular economy while enabling social development of communities & members involved in the collection.

Henkel & Plastic Bank

BBC Story works | Posted June 2020
Ongoing collaboration | Posted February 2020

Being part of the solution

Henkel has integrated Social Plastic® feedstock into their product packaging, including Pril, Vernel, Sidolin and Nature Box brands.

Henkel has received global recognition for their Fa and Nature Box brands, winning the Best in Class Packaging Innovation, Sustainable Design at the PAC Global Leadership Awards in 2020, and the Best Practices Award at the Sustainability Awards in 2019.

Henkel brands use Social Plastic® feedstock

Henkel incorporates recycled Social Plastic® feedstock into its Beauty, Laundry & Home Care product packaging

Manshiyet Nasser community, Egypt, Feb 2022

Manshiyet Nasser community, Egypt, Feb 2022

“Our collaboration with Plastic Bank is a unique partnership, addressing two of the world’s biggest challenges of today: plastic waste and the lack of opportunity for people in need … We are excited to take the next steps – for the environment and a better future for collection community members.”

Sylvie Nicol

Executive Vice President Human Resources and Chairwoman of Henkel’s Sustainability Council

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