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Taylor Leigh Cannizzaro

Chief Alliance Officer

Taylor Leigh Cannizzaro is the Chief Alliance Officer of Plastic Bank, an economic development firm monetizing plastic waste to provide an opportunity for the impoverished to collect and trade plastic as a currency. Her role is to create strategic alliances generating a network to gather world resources for a new circular economy. Taylor is leading impact programs to engage and amplify the world’s communities as purpose driven leaders. She is activating the Plastic Bank’s ecosystems and the Social Plastic® revolution by creating and deepening partnerships. Taylor acts to empower the Plastic Bank Way into the hands of the people.

Taylor is a dedicated activist for people and the Earth. Her background as a molecular-oncology scientist, activist for the oceans, public speaker, certified health coach and yoga instructor; combined with leadership, management and team building skills allows her to take the most complex situations and offer simple solutions and results. Her systems strategy integration has launched companies to market, developed campaigns, emceed and lead keynote speaking engagements, built and lead teams and developed new influencer programs. She has also written and integrated policy into governmental action.

Taylor also enjoys hitting the gym, practicing yoga, ocean surfing, and wakesurfing. Her highly personable, enthusiastic and uplifting personality makes connecting with her extremely easy.

It’s her passion for the health of people and the oceans worldwide that powers her drive.