Séphora Pierre-Louis

Haiti Development Manager

Séphora is a social entrepreneur whose nonprofit, FormatAide, delivers business training to small-medium sized business entrepreneurs in Haiti so that they may grow their businesses. She has worked with USAID, the UN Development Program, Women’s Initiative as well as a manager for sales and marketing teams in the for-profit sector.

Séphora is responsible for managing the growth of The Plastic Bank’s network and partnerships in Haiti. She designs and implements projects aimed at improving the lives of the most disadvantaged Haitians. She leads a small team of local Haitians who run the day to day operations in the country.

She earned her MBA from Mills College in Oakland, California, a Masters in Project Management from Quisqueya University, a bachelor degree in computerized management from Ecole Superieure d’Infotronique d’Haiti as well as a degree in Psychology from the Tele University of Quebec in Montreal. Séphora speaks French, English, Creole and Spanish.