Paul Brookes

Volunteer Manager

Paul has been a police officer for 29 years and recently began volunteering with the Plastic Bank as he shifts away from the policing world. Whether chasing down criminals or delivering a baby at roadside, Paul has been committed to making a difference in the community since he started policing. In 1999 Paul attended a multiculturalism camp organized by the local school district that focused on youth issues. The impact the camp had on Paul was so powerful he wanted to continue bringing youth together and making a positive impact. When funding was cut by district, Paul was motivated to find a way to bring the camp back to life and he sought external partners . In 2003 Paul’s efforts paid off with a grant from Canadian Heritage & Coast Capital Savings and he brought 68 students, teachers & police officers together for the first Youth for Change and Inclusion (YCI) Camp. 2018 saw 80 youth, 15 teachers and 10 police officers gather for 4 days to explore the issues of homelessness, residential schools, plastic waste, the holocaust, Free Tibet, immigration & refugees, LGBTTQ, politics, peace building and social transformation. Over 1000 youth have been through YCI and Paul is thankful to have been part of an amazing experience for so many young people. Paul is extremely excited and grateful to be part of a movement that helps eliminate plastic waste and transform poverty around the world.