Lindsay Christianson

Director of Business & Partner Development

Like you, Lindsay cares deeply for Oceans, People, Animals, and the Planet itself. As a Director of Business & Partner Development at the Plastic Bank, Lindsay’s mission is to collaborate with talented hearts and minds on high impact projects that stop Ocean plastic.

With his extensive experience in sales, marketing, and risk management, Lindsay helps people connect their critical key messages to key stakeholders in and outside of their businesses. He works with People, Brands, and Enterprises to create collaborative partnerships to stop Ocean plastic. Lindsay builds strategic partnerships that enable authentic corporate citizenship and create sustainability narratives that drive global awareness of the generated social and environmental impact.

As a Co-Creator of Plastic Offsets, he is an ambitious person who values building relationships, helping others with their goals and being a creative-ideas guy. By actively listening to the core of your vision, his consultative ideation approach helps to define an optimal critical path to reach successful outcomes.

As a student of Unity, Lindsay is dedicated to lifelong personal and spiritual development and service to others.

Plastic Bank aims to provide large scale sustainable premiums in every recycling community around the world. This is how we stop ocean plastic. Lindsay Christianson

Director of Business & Partner Development