Christoph Dörn

Executive Advisor

As CEO of the WIK Group, a full-service development and global manufacturing partner to many leading international brands, Christoph strives for creating equilibrium between modern economies demands and environmental and social needs. His vision is to transform todays economies into one fully circular economy which puts no harm to the environment and gives the planet finally the space to recover.

Within a few years he turned the WIK Group into a sustainable developer and global manufacturer with high grades on environmental certifications adding meaningful value to WIKs customers products. By proving wrong misconceptions and fighting common prejudice in the highly competitive industry of small domestic appliances Christoph created WIK as a role model demonstrating that lived corporate responsibility can go hand in hand with being competitive.

As Executive Advisor at the Plastic Bank Christoph is supporting the team in capturing demands of the industrial world without compromising on the vision for the good of the environment, society and the industrial partners of the Plastic Bank.