Fight Ocean Plastic and Poverty

This holiday give a gift that offsets all of that plastic and more.  Give a gift that starts a conversation, cleans our oceans and sparks a revolution.

Plastic Positive


Offsets more plastic than the average person uses per year – 85kg
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Ocean Hero


We collect double the average person’s plastic usage per year – 168kg
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Ocean Champion


We collect 5X the average person’s plastic usage per year – 420kg
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Frequently Asked Questions

How it works?

In areas where we work, traditional market prices for plastic are too low to motivate community members to collect. As a result, plastic washes into the oceans.  By improving infrastructure and paying a Plastic Bank Membership Bonus on collected plastic, we incentivize recovery and create a meaningful, dignified, and stable source of income for our members and their families. This is all made possible by the contribution from your Plastic Neutral pledge. When the value of plastic is revealed, it becomes too valuable to leak into the ocean. This is all made possible by your Plastic Positive pledge.

Your Plastic Positive contribution helps our collector community earn higher wages and provides access to fresh food, clean water, electricity, and even school tuition.

Can I get a physical certificate?

Not this year.

Digital certificates are easier to fulfill and keep our program costs down.  We are investigating a physical certificate program for 2020.

When will i get my digital certificate?

If you buy for yourself, you will be sent a digital certificate a few minutes after your transaction has been processed.

If you purchase as a gift, you can schedule the delivery.  It will be sent on the day you select.

If you do not receive your certificate please contact us.

Where will my contribution be spent?

Contributions to our Plastic Neutral and Plastic Positive programs are added to a pooled fund and released to the ecosystem that needs it most within 90 days.

We currently operate in Haiti, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Brazil.

Do I have to buy a subscription?

No.  You have the option to make a one time contribution.

Other ways to make impact

Monthly Impact

One Time Impact