Ocean Hero

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Be a Plastic Positive Ocean Hero and offset twice the average annual plastic footprint of a typical consumer.  By fighting ocean plastic and poverty at the same time anyone can have a positive impact on the planet.

Your action provides increased income and opportunities to our collectors like Ketut from Indonesia.  Your Plastic Positive Ocean Hero contribution ensures the recovery 168 kg of ocean-bound plastic within the Social Plastic Ecosystem. This is double the average plastic footprint of 84 kg of a typical consumer.

Become an Ocean Champion to recover even more plastic and help communities in need around the world.

Become an Ocean Hero

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Your personalized digital Ocean Hero certificate will be emailed to the address you provide in the checkout on completion of your order.

Digital certificates purchased as gifts will be emailed to the designated recipient(s) on the date you select.  If you choose today's date they will be emailed immediately.

Satisfaction and Plastic Positive IMPACT 100% guaranteed.

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Make Recurring (Annual), One Time

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