Ocean Champion

An Ocean Champion stops over 420 kg of plastic, equal to 21,000 500ml water bottles from entering the ocean every year.  That is equal to 5 years of plastic for an average consumer in North America.

The average person consumes 84 kg of plastic per year. Your Ocean Champion contribution ensures a Plastic Positive footprint by funding  the recovery of 5X that amount of ocean-bound plastic within the Social Plastic Ecosystem.

Fight ocean plastic and poverty by becoming a Plastic Positive Ocean Champion.


Become an Ocean Champion

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Your personalized digital Ocean Champion certificate will be emailed to the address you provide in the checkout on completion of your order.

Digital certificates purchased as gifts will be emailed to the designated recipient(s) on the date you select.  If you choose today's date they will be emailed immediately.

Satisfaction and Plastic Positive IMPACT 100% guaranteed.

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Make Recurring (Annual), One Time

How does it work?

Each $0.50 purchases one Social Plastic® Collection Credit. Each SPCC's funds the recovery of 1 kg of ocean-bound plastic by allowing us to pay our collectors a bonus over regular recycling rates. The bonus you support encourages more collection and improves the livelihood of collectors. By funding this collection you can offset your own Plastic Footprint to become Plastic Positive. The more you purchase, the more we can recover.

What will I receive?

You (or your gift recipient) will be sent an email with a link to download a personalized digital certificate for their records. Each certificate is individually numbered and can be printed for framing.

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