International Women’s Day 2020

We believe an equal world is an enabled world. This International Women’s Day, we are celebrating our women collectors who provide for their families and care for their communities by collecting ocean bound plastic.

Recycling infrastructure in many countries is part of the informal economy. Any women who work in the informal economy lack financial security due to the absence of labour laws and health benefits.

Plastic Bank is bringing formality to an informal sector. We provide the opportunity for our collectors – 45% of which are women – to exchange plastic waste for everyday necessities, as well as school tuition and health insurance. We are revealing the value in plastic, enabling our collectors to build better futures for their families and communities.

Meet Lise Nassisse from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Lise is a mother of seven children, a 2010 earthquake widow, and a full time collector for Plastic Bank. 

Help empower collectors like Lise and stop ocean plastic today!

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