Impact Guarantee Partnerships

Empower your consumers to make sustainable choices and incorporate a powerful narrative of regenerative impact around plastic pollution

What are Impact Partnerships?

Impact Partnerships allow organizations to participate in offsetting plastic pollution and poverty around the world by contributing to Plastic Bank’s collection ecosystems.

Types of Impact Available

Offset by Kilos or Bottles

Set an impact budget based on the amount of plastic you want to remove from the environment

Offset by Staff Members

Neutralize your staff’s plastic footprint by offsetting the amount of plastic pollution they create each year

Offset by SALes

Create an impact system built into your products. The contribution will be based on a percentage of your sales

Features included for Impact Partners


Your impact and partnership will be displayed for the world to see on our website.

Live Impact data Dashboard

Follow your social and environmental impact in real-time, housed in your personal dashboard

STorytelling MARKETING Collateral

Recieve stories and images from the communities you have made an impact in

Customize Your Partnership

Create the perfect partnership based on your desired outcomes and supply needs.
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  • Partnerships require a 20,000 kg annual commitment. Check out our Supporter Program for offsets starting at 200 kg per month or 1,000 kg per year.

Are you a smaller business that still wants to make an impact?

Discover our supporter partnership options, where you can make offset ocean plastic in a way that makes sense for your business

What Social Plastic® Partnerships Bring to Your Business


Unmatched Social and Environmental Impact

When you enter an impact partnership, you are investing in the recovery of ocean-bound plastic, income premiums to our members, and recycling infrastructure. This reduces plastic pollution and poverty by making recycling profitable for the world’s most underprivileged communities.



Customer Loyalty and Purpose-based Marketing

By investing in our Impact Guarantee Program, you gain access to a powerful regenerative platform that connects your brand to a generation of conscious consumers by empowering them to make sustainable choices that positively impact lives.



Transparent and Auditable Platform

In partnership with IBM, Plastic Bank has created an ethical, auditable, and fully traceable network. This ensures your impact as a partner is always 100% guaranteed and traceable to the kilo and location.


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