Partner - Partner Track

Module 1: Plastic Bank Onboarding

15 minutes
5 Lessons




Dhang Tecson


Paul Orpiada


Paul Orpiada
Louie Dela Cruz



Plastic Bank® aims to create a community of compassionate individuals with whom we share the same values and goals.  As part of our initiative, Plastic Bank® provides comprehensive programs that will empower community members and help you become community leaders or skilled entrepreneurs that will contribute to the mission of stopping ocean plastic while helping improve lives.

In this community, all of us have the ability to take care of our lives, the people around us, and the environment.

●       Let us gather together and create warm connections with our fellow members.
●       Let us appreciate our community, our plastic waste, and our ecosystem as we reveal value for each.
●       Let us love people to grow and maintain strong bonds with each other.
●       Let us become the positive change that we aim for our lives, the environment, the country, and our community as a whole.

Be part of the solution and not pollution. Join us in this movement. Now!



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