No Planet B

Hey, we are NO PLANET B – skincare on a mission!

A mission to celebrate things that are considered useless. Be it things that we do not consider valuable, such as weeds, or things that we just do not value, like plastic garbage. NO PLANET B is a call! We only have one earth. But we consume as if we had a second one – a planet B.

Every purchase of a NO PLANET B product supports Plastic Bank ™ with a donation. Plastic Bank stops marine waste at the source by building recycling centres in developing countries worldwide. Plastic waste is exchanged for money to make plastic too valuable for the barrel.

And because Plastic Bank pays more than the commercial price, they turn marine sculpture into opportunities for people in poverty. 5 cents does not sound like much? Since March 2019 have already collected more than 5000 euros. With this support, we can call ourselves plastic-neutral , that is, for every bottle we sell, 3 bottles are collected off the sea and recycled before they become marine plastic.

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