When we started FRSH Scents® we didn’t just want to make great products, we also wanted to make a difference. So we decided to set-up the ‘FRSH Scents Cents’ initiative and make a contribution from each product towards a great cause.

Ocean Plastic is a huge growing problem for everyone. As a socially responsible manufacturer we wanted to ensure that we were part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Through our offset program with The Plastic Bank, every FRSH Scents® product contributes to their award winning program that reduces waste and poverty.

On average each FRSH Scents® product pays for the equivalent of 3 plastic bottles to be collected and recycled. As a result our products are responsible for much more plastic being reclaimed and recycled than we use. This means every single FRSH Scents® product is Certified Plastic Neutral.

To date, FRSH Scents®️ has prevented an astounding 3,984,764 bottles from entering our oceans.

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