Plastic Bank’s Partnership with Eat Natural.

Ecosystem Activation

In May 2018, Eat Natural partnered with Plastic Bank to neutralize their plastic footprint. Eat Natural calculated their annual plastic footprint at 115 metric tonnes.

By purchasing 115.000 Social Plastic Collection Credits, which fund the collection and recycling of 1 kg of plastic each. Eat Natural offset their entire annual plastic consumption while empowering local communities in the Philippines. Apart from plastic collection Eat natural’s investment sponsored community workshops on financial management and the administration of first aid.

Collection Branches bring new opportunities to local communities

Through our partnership, we’re offsetting our current annual footprint of 115 tonnes. Our work with Eat Natural is focused in the Philippines where local people earn money by removing plastic from our seas and oceans.

Powerful Social & Environmental Impact


About Eat Natural

In 1996 we had a simple idea. We took nuts, seeds and dried fruit (‘brain food’ as our parents called them) and baked them with honey into the shape of a bar. We wanted to keep the nuts whole and the fruit chunky. We experimented with the first bars in Praveen’s kitchen in Epping where our first bar – date & walnut – was created.

Sustainable Packaging

Over the past five years we’ve gradually whittled down the thickness of the film that wraps each bar by 30%. Our wrappers keep your bars in tip-top condition; we’ve always kept them clear so you can see the wholesome ingredients inside.


The reason for being of the Plastic Bank resonates for all humanity, transcending vast differences between developed and developing nations. Its existence is driven by purpose. Its gift is purpose.

Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth. These are one and the same fight.


Ban Ki-moon
Secretary-General of the UN


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