Sales Administration & Support Specialist

Role Description & Responsibilities:

As a supportive role to the New Business Development and Strategic Account Management team, the Sales Administration & Support Specialist (SASS) is effectively the Project Manager for all potential and qualified opportunities in the pipeline.

The SASS ensures that both the team and Executive have all the necessary systems and administrative support to achieve the overall sales targets and objectives.

The sales administration and support specialist provides support by assisting with sales procedures. They support with client and prospect-related problems, enter new orders, track orders, investigate issues and manage customer accounts. They also enter and track data in sales databases and provide reports to the sales department.

This role must be able to work with a sales team, but also work independently. Being goal-oriented, organized and able to manage time well will help you in this field. Communication and interpersonal skills are a must, as most of this job involves multiple parties.

We are seeking two motivated Sales Administration and Support Specialists based in Manila, Philippines or Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Key Performance Areas and related activities required to achieve objective:

Sales Support

    • Support the sales executive on needed material for prospects and clients related to samples, materials, and programs.
      • Support and lead the company sales teams in the application of the defined and agreed Plastic Bank sales process.
        • Engage supply chain, in-country teams and other company departments to source information necessary for proper proposal creation.
          • Develop digital document store and reference materials.
            • Develop a set of standard templates for all proposals and bids.
              • Creating and maintaining sales contracts and agreements with sales executives support& input.
                • Research that supports the team, such as performing Internet searches for potential clients and gathering information that could be useful to the sales team when pitching a product or service.
                • Ensuring compliance of all outgoing documentation to Plastic Bank Brand standards and policies.
                • Ensure contacted programs are progressing to success.
              • Collect and provide post-program materials to Sales Executive for use with clients.
  • Operational Support

    • Support the sales administration function, operational performance reporting, streamlining processes and systems.
      • Ensure that data is accurately entered and managed within the company’s CRM / sales management system.
        • Help Track and record activity on opportunities and accounts and to assist in deal closure and relationship development.


        • Proficient in computer software systems including MS Office
          • Working knowledge of customer relationship management software and data analysis (Salesforce)
            • Excellent motivational skills and works well with a team but also able to self-direct
              • Strong communication and interpersonal skills and dedication to customer satisfaction
                • Excellent time management and organizational skills and the ability to multitask and prioritize
                  • Knowledge of sales practices and the most efficient customer service techniques
                  • Ability to pay strong attention to detail
                  • Ideally should have prior experience in a sales administrative role
                  • Must be fluent in oral / written English
  • Profile of Required Competencies & Attributes:

    Communicating and Informing:

    Able to summarise key salient points and get the message across in both the spoken and the written word. Writes clearly and succinctly. Is mindful of who needs what information when, and delivers accordingly, thereby keeping internal and external customers appropriately informed within appropriate time frames. Thinks through who needs what by when. Ensures effectiveness by follow-up and follow-through. ‘Listens to understand’, not just to respond. Builds rapport well. Probes for information early enough to do something about it. Able to restate the opinions of others even when he/she disagrees. When presenting, commands attention and can manage curved balls and group processes. Can change tactics midstream when something isn’t working.

    Covers communication through written, electronic or visual means and oral communication, in both informal and formal situations. Conveys information clearly and accurately, in the most appropriate format.

    Developing Process:

    Able to put processes in place that maximise efficiency, getting more out of less resources. Can simplify complexity, identify opportunities for synergy and define meaningful measurements for the outcome. Pays attention to detail. Enables ‘managing from a distance’. Can make things work without being physically present, due to clearly developed and communicated process, procedure and policy.

    Copes with Change:

    Can change to suite the internal or external customer’s shifting requirements. Open to new ideas. Not fearful of reworking the proposal, schedule or document to meet the evolving need of the internal or external customer.

    Managing Tasks and Projects:

    Unambiguously assigns responsibilities to self and others. Defines and agrees time-based deliverables and formally monitors progress, taking corrective action in a timely manner. Builds feedback mechanisms into the process. Consistently delivers the desired output result within the time specified, anticipating and adjusting for risks, obstacles and/or problems. Consistently meets expectations.

    Organised and Thorough:

    Decisions are based on analysis, wisdom and judgement. Plans upfront and adjusts plan accordingly. Does not allow brilliance to surpass thoroughness. Organised. Knows how to get things done through the formal and informal channels. Able to multiplex. Uses resources effectively and efficiently and filing is done in a way that makes him/her more effective. Leaves no stone unturned. Diligently follows through. Delivers according to expectation. Able to prioritise.

    Passion for Customers, Excellence and your Chosen Discipline:

    Passionate about meeting expectations. Gains customers trust and respect. Conscious of conduct and protocol. Understands the concept of ‘time and place’. Embraces the opportunity for customer contact. Demonstrates a sense of urgency. Takes personal pride in delivering quality work. ‘Going the extra mile’ is their way of life, always striving for excellence. Committed to Total Quality Management (TQM), prepared to re-engineer processes to achieve excellence. Love what they do and do what they love. Passionate about their chosen discipline, focusing on outcomes (results) and not on the effort expended. Does what’s required, when it’s required

    Results Oriented:

    Seizes the moment. Full of enthusiasm and energy. Not discouraged by lack of detail. Pushes self for results. Determined to succeed. Overcomes obstacles. Master of own destiny. Creates focus by prioritising and putting everything aside that does not matter in favour of the critical things that do, eliminating hurdles. Demonstrates a sense of urgency. Values time as a scarce commodity, using it effectively.

    Application Method:

    Please send your CV to

    We accept applications in English only. Please note that due to a high volume of applicants, we will only be reaching out to candidates moving forward to the interview stage, thank you for your understanding.