Business Intelligence Assistant Manager

The Business Intelligence Assistant Manager will be the primary driver in developing the company’s business plan using strong analysis of performance, market and industry data. He or she will also assist in monitoring the progress of the plans to ensure a consistent alignment of the business plan and the company’s strategies as well as the synchronicity of the different units and departments of the organization to the plans. Lastly, the Corporate Planner must ensure that the developed business plan and its execution will be in accordance with the budgetary guidelines, values, ethical standards and mission of the company.  

Location: Philippines


  • Provide strategic and technical expertise to lead and prepare Strategic Business and Operational Plans, Annual Reports, Performance Reports and other Corporate Reports in conformity with Plastic Bank’s guidelines and in alignment with organizational mission, vision, goals and objectives
  • Construct forecasts and analytical models as well as coordinate and organize inputs and analysis of outcomes for Annual, Quarterly, Monthly and other governance reports
  • Gather, analyze and present data to aid in the creation and implementation of plans
  • Align processes, resources-planning and department goals with overall strategy
  • Design, review and report performance metrics to support country operations and growth and timely assessments of the company’s operational and strategic performance
  • Coordinate the provision of education sessions to staff on corporate and strategic planning initiatives to ensure that all stakeholders are consulted in the preparation and review of PB reports within pre-specified timeframes
  • Communicate effectively with internal and external clients; provide robust support to the leadership team in respect of targets and achieving timely adjustments for agency achievement and reports.
  • Monitor and analyze industry trends and market changes; research competition to identify threats and opportunities

Competency Profile:

  • Diligent, versatile, with relevant broad-based competencies and experience; has excellent organizational ability and a track record of success in preparing corporate plans, reports and budgets.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage time, set priorities and manage workplans to ensure all deadlines are met.
  • High level skills in problem solving, research, data gathering and analysis, insighting and report writing.
  • Demonstrated high-level written, oral and interpersonal communication skills
  • Experience in developing and reporting on key performance indicators
  • Ability to assist staff at all levels of the organization through understanding strategic goals and outcomes and changing organizational priorities

Application Method:

Please send your CV to [email protected] quoting BIM092019 . Please note that we will only be reaching out to candidates moving forward to the interview stage, thank you for your understanding.

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