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We’re the environment’s alchemist – turning plastic into gold by revolutionizing the world’s recycling systems to create a regenerative, inclusive, and circular plastic economy.  Become part of the solution by activating your business with one of our partnership programs

Plastic Positivity

Neutralize your plastic production footprint with Social Plastic Collection Credits. SPCC’s enable plastic users and producers to offset their plastic use and become Plastic Positive. They are a great solution if your organization is unable to use Social Plastic but you still want to fight ocean plastic.

Impact Guarantee

Create an impact beyond neutrality with an Impact Guarantee.  Support plastic collection infrastructure and rewards, reducing plastic pollution and poverty around the world by offsetting a specific amount of plastic for each of your products.


There are many ways that your organization can engage the Social Plastic® Ecosystem to offset your plastic footprint, become Plastic Positive and establish a position as an environmental leader.

Looking to engage your team?

buy social plastic

We provide our partners processed pellet or flake feedstock of PET, HDPE, LDPE, and PP.

As a primary user of Social Plastic you will have a direct and traceable impact on helping to stop ocean plastic and be able to use our marks on your packaging and marketing material.

We are looking for partners who are able to make a multi-year commitment to establish your organization as an environmental leader and require more than 250 mt / year.


ecosystem activation

Are you looking for a larger story? As we expand the Social Plastic ecosystem we have partnership opportunities to brand Plastic Bank branches around the world.

An ecosystem activation requires a multi-year commitment to implement and support branches and have a transformative impact on local communities.


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