Together we stopped over 1 Million kg (2.39 Million pounds!) of ocean plastic in just a single year!  That is a massive number but is only part of the story. We also engaged with over 2300 collectors creating opportunities and change for many more people living in poverty!


With the release of our Ted Talk in late 2017 awareness and opportunity exploded as individuals and brands were captivated by our mission to reveal the value in plastic waste and turn off the tap on ocean plastic. The Ted talk has been watched well over a million times and our story has been shared over and over creating amazing relationships. Thank you!

Manufacturers and brands of all sizes stepped forward and joined us on our journey helping to expand and activate ecosystems in Haiti, the Philippines, and Indonesia.  Social Plastic and Plastic Neutral products hit the shelves from Europe to Australia enabling us to incentivise our collectors, reduce poverty, and bring opportunity to the poorest of the poor.

Our Personal Plastic Neutrality program is also growing! Individuals can offset their own plastic usage by funding the removal of an equivalent amount of ocean bound plastic.  We now also have a Group program so that employees and organizations can gather together to offset the plastic usage of their members and show that they value the environment and stopping ocean plastic.  In December our Plastic Neutral Gift Program had an amazing 14 Tonne impact in just 3 weeks!

We couldn’t be more grateful for everyone who shared our story with friends, family, and co-workers, Joined the Movement, showed their support with a Like on Facebook or stood up in a meeting to take action against plastic waste. This is your story as much as it is ours and we hope you share the impact with pride knowing that your actions prove the need for Social Plastic and have an impact!

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2019 was a BIG year for Plastic Bank!

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